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28,849.0 SATOSHI

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This is your automatic payout threshold settings. When your coins go over the set threshold we'll send them to your address every Sunday of the week. Minimal payout: 13,000.0 SATOSHI

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From Date Amount Comment
CoinPot 25 Sep 09:16 28,849.0 SATOSHI Payout to 1KtxH14...

Date Amount To Status Comment
12 Nov 16:34 300.0 SATOSHI 12G4ax3KcMh1bQkpLrz5H12PbuAC2WZ95h Completed Transaction fee
12 Nov 16:34 28,549.0 SATOSHI 1KtxH14nmVfdVn6jmNp3mxPEXh5bw5x3jG Completed Withdrawal to 1KtxH14nmVfdVn6jmNp3mxPEXh5bw5x3jG