Once your balance hits the threshold set on your address page, we'll issue the payment to your bitcoin address. The fees depend on the payout amount, you can let your earnings build up to pay less fees.

Bonus: There are no withdrawal fees if payout is higher than 0.01 BTC 😍

Threshold Fee
0.00020000 BTC 0.00000400 BTC
0.00050000 BTC 0.00000300 BTC
0.00075000 BTC 0.00000200 BTC
0.00100000 BTC 0.00000150 BTC
0.00250000 BTC 0.00000100 BTC
0.00500000 BTC 0.00000055 BTC
0.01000000 BTC 0.00000015 BTC


Incoming deposits to faucetfly.com are charged a 1.5% transaction fee


Withdrawals from deposits are charged a 0.5% transaction fee