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Using this faucet creator you can have a faucet up and running in less than 5 minutes. We integrate easily with your Faucetbox account, and currently support Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Just plug in the extra details below and your site is ready to go.

  1. Name your site
  2. Choose the currency (Bitcoin or Dogecoin)
  3. Paste in your advertisement code
  4. Paste in your Google analytics code
  5. Publish!

Adding content to your faucet

As a faucet owner you will have a full wysiwyg editor so you can easily create new pages of content. Content is important as a source of information about bitcoin and other crypto currencies for your faucet users.

We have a very easy to use and customizable content editor for managing pages. It also includes an HTML override for those that want more power.

For faucet users

Your faucet will automatically be added to our faucet rotator, we have a large database of faucets.

This will help you:
  1. Get those initial users to kick off your faucet
  2. Wider audience exposure
  3. More users and views from daily faucet rotator visits
  4. Have an awesome faucet? Get featured for free!

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FaucetFly news

We are currently working on some improvements and addition of new features below:

  1. Analytics about your faucet and visitors
  2. Working with ad partners to allow easier integration
  3. Adding more coins! Litecoin is next..

** Any other improvements that you'd like to see please drop us an email at: [email protected]

You can find more information about bitcoin on the site.