We've ported faucet in a box script so you can install it and use FaucetFly as your microtransaction platform.

Don't want to worry about hosting? With FaucetFly you can create your own faucets on our site directly and you get a free subdomain of faucetfly.com, so YourName.faucetfly.com. You don't require any hosting or domain name or any coding as a matter of fact. It's free too!
  • 1. Download - the faucet in a box code from here and unzip it.
  • 2. Configure - Open config.php file with any text editor and replace default values with your database connection parameters. You can get them from your hosting provider.
  • 3. Upload - Upload all files to your server. You can do this using and FTP, SFTP client.
  • 4. Finalize & Customize - Open your website and go to Admin Panel. You can customize your new faucet there. You can reach your admin panel by simply adding ?p=admin to the end of your domain. ex: http://yourdomainname.com/?p=admin

Bugs, Errors and Contributions

If you find any bugs or want to contribute towards this faucet script please feel free to open or report an issue on Github

Github repository