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Dropping support for

by Admin — July 03, 2017 20:40

As you might of seen is having a bit of a wobbly and turned in some sort of scam. We are not 100% sure of the details, however as a safe course of action to protect our users we decided to stop supporting and as a payment method on our faucets. If can convince us otherwise and users agree we'll bring it back.

What does this mean?

If you are a faucet owner and don't use then you have nothing to worry about and can go back to sipping that Pina colada 🍹. If you use EPay to pay your users, then you have to do a few tweaks but it's a 1 minute job and in the meantime your faucet still works.

Ok what can I do?

We have our own micro wallet at FaucetFly so you can just deposit some bitcoins directly on FaucetFly and change the "Payment method" under your faucet settings and you're good to go. If you need help with the migration just drop us a message we're very happy to help. We also support 2 other payment providers so you can even choose to use them if you wish.

Why should I use FaucetFly as my micro wallet?

The biggest benefit with FaucetFly is security and ease of use. We never had and never will store any secrets/private keys that could lead to someone stealing our funds. We intentionally built our system in this way, because in the end no server is un-hackable.

What do you think happened at

All that we know, at least our interpretation of it is that at some point said that they found an intruder in their system which was there for 2 weeks, and some 2 bitcoins were stolen from them. Now they're looking to sell the site. Other users on are complaining of no payouts.

We don't see any issues with the sale of the site, it can be they are trying to sell it to recover some of the funds so they can repay their users. That would be a good thing to do if they have no way of recovering the funds, however so far they have not communicated with their users about their intentions.

You can read more here:


For now integration is off, we can always bring it back if our users ask for it and we think that they have sorted out their issues.

If you have any questions, just get in touch we're happy to help!

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