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What is a bitcoin faucet?

A faucet is a simple website where visitors can earn free crypto currencies just by visiting the faucet and performing a task such as filling in a captcha.

Generally the owner makes a return through displaying advertisments (therefore you'll need to disable adblock), and the visitors earn some free crypto currency. Everyone is a winner!

How do I get paid?

All you need is your receiving address, you get this from your crypto wallet. (Coinbase)

  1. Visit a faucet rotator or the faucet list page
  2. Enter your receiving address
  3. Fill in captcha
  4. Submit and EARN your coins!

Once you reach your payout threshold we will send you your coins to the address provided. We run payouts every Sunday. Current minimum payout is 0.00013btc

Check your balance

Once you've visited a few faucets you can check your balance. On the balance page you can see all the payouts made to you and also your recent earnings.

Check your balance now!

Earn more!

Now that you're mastering bitcoin faucets, why not start earning referral commission by promoting faucets? Most faucets offer a referal program where for each visitor that you refer you get a percentage of their payout.

Find your best paying faucets copy your referal link and share it with your friends!

You can find more information about bitcoin on the bitcoin.org site.